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Ocean Yachtmaster Shorebased  

A course on astro-navigation and worldwide meteorology including passage planning, yacht and crew management.  It assumes a knowledge of all subjects covered in the other shorebased courses.  

COSTS include RYA material times and dates to suit your requirement

Ocean Yachtmaster Syllabus

The Course syllabus includes:- The Earth and the Celestial Sphere.  The PZX Triangle.  The Sextant.  Measurement of Time.  Meridian Altitudes.  Sun Sights.  Planet Sights.  Starsight Planning.  Star Sights.  The Pole Star.  Moon Sights.  Compass Checking.  Satellite Navigation Systems.  Great Circle Sailing.  World Meteorology and Tropical Revolving Storms.  Passage Planning.

Homework and Examinations

There are thirteen exercises and a final written examination paper.  Scientific calculators may be used even in the examination provided it is programmed as part of the assessment