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RYA Survival at Sea

The aim of the course is to give an understanding of survival techniques. An RYA certificate is issued upon successful completion. The one day RYA/MCA Survival at Sea comprises of six hours theory and two hours practical in a warm indoor pool with lifejackets and liferaft. 

The classroom subjects cover the principles of sea survival including survival: difficulties, types of lifejacket, harnesses and protective clothing; the importance of drills; equipment, flares, E.P.I.R.B.’s and grab bags; hypothermia and a film “Cold can Kill”; liferaft design and construction, emergency packs, boarding procedures and vital actions once on board; a briefing on the Coastguard Service and helicopter rescue and a video of hi-line procedures. 

The wet drill in a pool with an inflatable liferaft includes launching procedures, boarding both dry and wet, heat conservation, dealing with unconscious casualties and capsize drills. Bring your own lifejacket if you have one, oilskins, swimming costumes and towels.  

One Day Course.  COSTS include RYA materials